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Played on: 5 May 2020
Handicap while playing: 21.4

Excellent accueil. Parcours parfaitement entretenu. Très agréable à jouer. A conseiller.

Played on: 2 May 2020

Underrated course. Great view of the course and Portugal Spain border bridge from the clubhouse. Greens were pretty good. If you catch the course on a windy day it will be a strong challenge. Friendly staff and decent price for a round.

Played on: 2 May 2020

Have to work your draws and fades out if you want go for the pin on some holes. Beautiful lakes and green defending trees. Greens are great aswell. Id say this and Millenium are on the same tier list in my opinion.

Played on: 2 May 2020

Campo comercial.. campo abierto y plano fácil de caminar. Mucha vegetación de palmeras y muchos obstáculos de agua.. Buenos greens y normalmente rápidos. Cerca de la playa. Grandes hoteles en la zona. Es un campo recomendable de los más económicos de la zona. Algarve.

Played on: 1 May 2020

Amazing greens and well maintained with proper frindges. Designed to try your hardest to score. Has some long holes specially from back tees. Decent bunkers and lakes/hazards around back 9 are one of a kind. It really shows why its held so many european Tour Portugal Masters.

Played on: 1 May 2020

Good greens. Bunkers are ok. Good change of play style if you have been in the other Dom Pedro courses before. Not as tough as the others but still a good challenge for the average golfer and some tight tee shots give the low handicappers a second thought about the line they want to take aswell.

Played on: 1 May 2020

Played on both courses. Gramacho I’d say is more of the quiet and calm side of the 2. It has alot top notch bunkers laying around and defending the greens. Alot of bumps to work with along the fairways and such. Some tee boxes have amazing views sitting uptop looking down to the green surrounded by sandy waists. Vale da Pinta is a bit more out there the way its designed. More hazards/lakes with "beaches" and ball rolls nicely on greens. Each has its own style of play but both have great greens and bunkers. Driving range is ok and good clubhouse.

Played on: 1 May 2020

Nice clubhouse and staff. Same can be said with the course. May seem bit intimidating standing on the first tees because of the tight look the tall trees give while hovering over the edges of the well taken care of fairways. Played here few times during summer and can say with a blue sky and hot sun on this course is truly a sight to be gazed upon. Some lakes and hazards to mix things around. Some holes you are going to figure out where next tee is but they do good job of pointing it out for you.

Played on: 1 May 2020

Rollercoaster. Definetly the hilliest course i have played in Algarve and probably up there in whole country. You will hit your biggest drives here and shortest. Hard to measure distances because of that but that makes it alot of fun. Good exercise on your legs if you decide to walk a round on it. Fun holes where you cut across the dog legs even from back tees. Greens are good and some are tight too hit. Not a course for the weak strikers and its a good oppponent for the long hitters. I can say its a must for a round of golf here because there aren't many courses that will give you so many emotions and different types of shots to work for.

Played on: 30 April 2020

At start it looks like quite the simple and wide course, but it does a good job of showing the player how hard it can get step by step until you get to the lake holes. The greens are ok and has signature small bunkers following the fairways on some holes. When you get to the lake/hazard side it makes you try and go for it but can bite you back despite its calm and nice look. Great clubhouse and helpful reception. Overall a strong contestant for the southern region of Portugal courses.

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For a lot of golfers in Europe playing golf in Algarve is high on their list, and not without reason. With 32, the density of golf courses in Algarve is very high. But it’s not only about quantity in Algarve, as some of the Algarve best golf clubs are also the best in Portugal, like Monte Rei Golf & Country Club, Oceânico Faldo Course and The Old Course Golf Club - Dom Pedro Golf. Also large hotel chains like Oceânico and Pestana have great golf courses in Algarve. Many of the best golf courses in Algarve are situated along the beautiful coastline. There are also some famous golf holes in Algarve, for example the 16th hole at the Royal Golf course at Vale do Lobo. At this 190 yard par-3 you hit your tee shot over a ravine, whilst standing on top of a cliff looking over the coastline. Some would say this iconic hole at one of the best golf courses in Algarve is a must-play when in Portugal. To make your Algarve golf break even more luxurious, there are plenty of terrific golf resorts in Algarve. Monte Rei is one of the best golf resorts of Algarve, together with golf resort Amendoeira. Amendoeira golf resort boasts two stunning golf courses, Oceanico Faldo Course and Oceanico O'Connor Junior. Both Monte Rei and Amendoeira have, next to the best golf courses of Algarve, perfect facilities like swimming pools and spas to make your golf holiday in Algarve unforgettable. The Mediterranean climate in the Algarve is very pleasant and milder than elsewhere. This is mainly due to the Atlantic. Most rain falls from November to late March. The Algarve is one of Europe's sunniest regions with 3,000 hours of sunshine annually. Don’t be sad if your better half is not a golfer, because there are a lot of things to do besides golf in Algarve. The beautiful beaches, cities like Vilamoura, Albufeira, Portimao and Quarteira, the coastline and nature reserves will make you enjoy your holiday even if your not on a Algarve golf course!
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