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How to write a great review on Leading Courses

16 September 2022
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Jeroen Korving
In this article, we'll explain how you can write great reviews on Leading Courses. It's fun, easy, and it only takes 1-2 minutes to help our global community of golfers to find the best course to play their next round.
Try uploading a photo that captures the 'essence' of a golf course when adding it to your review (photo credits: member Jeroen Korving)

Why you should write reviews

Leading Courses is golf's only global community-driven booking platform. We built Leading Courses to make it easy to find the right course and secure your next round of golf with the help of thousands of reviews. To assist our ever-growing community, it’s vital that reviews are written for courses in each country, for each season and for every type of golfer at varying handicap levels.

You might not know that we depreciate reviews as time goes, but we feel that reviews from a couple of years ago may not reflect your experience at the club today. The more reviews are written, the more quickly we can depreciate reviews to provide even more accurate ratings and rankings.

Today, we have more than 25.000 courses mapped in 150+ countries worldwide, so every new review is super important to help each individual golfer. If you’ve already reviewed a course in the past and played it again, why not write a new review?

Writing a great review

1. Write in your native language

It’s so much easier to write a review in your own language and we think you should. Why? Because you’ll be able to tell us each little but important detail you might miss when reviewing in another language. On Leading Courses reviews can be translated in one click, so no need to write in any other language than your own.

2. Wait 1-2 days after you've played

The sweet spot to write a review is 1-2 days after your round. Shake off the highs and lows from your round to write a completely unbiased review. If you have written more reviews - to balance your new review with the ones you’ve already written. So, ask yourself how the course compares to the others you’ve played.

3. Understanding our rating mechanism

We provide a 1-10 rating per item. A ‘1’ means the item is the worst in the world and that you can’t find a worse experience anywhere else. A ‘10’ means the golf club is the best in the world on this item and you can see no room for improvement. So, be careful how you rate each item.

4. Score every item

Not all items carry the same weight to create the final review score. Your rating for 'restaurant' doesn’t have the same weight as ‘facilities’, but it helps golfers who might be searching for a golf club with a great restaurant.

5.  Keep it short, but specific

When you write your review, it doesn't have to be an essay. Keep it short but include the most important details. We ask people to write a review of at least 50 characters because a good motivation helps other golfers better than just saying "nice course."

Have a look at the following reviews:

Review A: Great golf course!

Review B: Great golf course, especially in August when the heather is in bloom. Lovely layout and easy to walk. Friendly members and course marshal. Take the club sandwich, it's a real treat. A pity they charge a fee for a trolley, I believe it should be included in the fee of 150 euros.

It's clear which review will help other golfers best. The best reviews are the ones that keep it short but informative. Start with your honest opinion, add a few specific tips and things you liked or disliked. It’s that easy!

6. Don't be too harsh

Sometimes we see that people 'punish' a golf club for something that happened, that had nothing to do with the golf course or golf club itself. If some members treat you poorly, if your drinks were late or if the food was really bad, this doesn't mean the golf club itself is terrible.

Yes, it might affect your overall experience, but please be careful. Everyone can have a bad day or things might not run smoothly. If something like this happens, just rate 'hospitality' or 'restaurant' low(er), but try to be objective about the rest.

7. Add a photo!

A picture is worth a thousand words. There’s no need to upload a photo of every tee box, fairway or green. Just pick the ones you like most! Be careful when uploading pictures of people. Always ask for permission if you upload a photo of your friends or anyone else on the course.

Uploading a photo like this will illustrate that it was busy, but this might be due to a tournament which only takes place once a year (photo credits: member Jeroen Korving)

What happens after your review?

After you’ve submitted your review, our work starts.

Our content team will read your review to check it’s in line with our editorial policy and review guidelines. If everything is ok, your review will be approved and will appear on our site. We try to complete this process within 24 hours.

We might correct any grammar mistakes, to provide a proper machine translation, but we’ll never change the meaning of your review without your permission.

If your review is declined, our content team will send you a message to let you know why. This might be because of inconsistent text and scores, for example, when the review text is positive but the score is low. 

A golf club can also 'flag' a review as inappropriate or incorrect. If they do that, we’ll start an investigation and contact the golf club and golfer.

We also have a few automated checks in place to avoid fraudulent reviews, including:

  •  If an IP-address has multiple accounts and submits reviews on all of these accounts in specific time frame
  • If we see a large number of reviews for a single club with similar - often high - ratings

We hope you understand that we take the accuracy and integrity of reviews seriously. 

The more you contribute to our site - so the higher your status - the more we'll trust you as a reviewer. This means your reviews will have a higher impact on a club’s overall ranking.

Tracking your golf experiences

By writing reviews and adding your best photos you're creating your own digital logbook of where you played. All of your reviews and photos are stored safely - and free of charge - in your public profile and you can view all of them in a simple map view. Go to 'my reviews' in your profile and then hit the 'map icon'. Want to see an example? Check out the golf courses I’ve reviewed here!

Start your next review!

Use our app or site to share your review in only 1-2 minutes. Search for the golf club you played and click the 'write a review' button. You can also use our review dashboard which will take you straight to the review form of each golf club!

PS: Share your reviews to have a chance of winning monthly prizes, including a Big Green Egg Mini Max and Titleist Golf Balls!

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