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28 March 2023
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Joep Oude Egbrink
This is a test article to see if everything works as it's supposed to. Once upon a time lived a small dwarf. He always wanted to do something big in his life therefore he got an idea to travel around the world. He wanted to see see distant lands and be remembered as a hero.
A little hero

The Golfers’ Choice Rankings are 100% based on reviews and ratings given by actual golfers, which makes them the most transparent rankings in the world of golf, because you as a golfer decide who comes out on top.

This is the 11th year Leading Courses publishes Golfers' Choice Rankings. There are rankings in 15 countries and 10 categories in total this year. Two new and exciting categories are Best Surroundings and Best Restaurant.

Important to know is that Golfers' Choice Rankings are only published in countries and categories when they are reliable. That means there need to be enough reviews of each golf club in a specific country to launch a Golfers' Choice Ranking.

These rankings are intended as a reference tool and to advise golfers on where they should play. If enough Leading Courses users are enthusiastic about a golf club, chances are that other golfers will feel the same way.

Want to know more about how all rankings are created? Read more here about what the Golfers’ Choice Rankings exactly are.

Best Golf Clubs and Best Golf Courses

What a nice golf course!

Below is the ranking of all winning clubs in the “Best 18 Holes Golf Club” category. These are the overall winners of the Golfers’ Choice Rankings. Click the link to see the overall ranking for a specific country and on that page use the navigation menu on the left to see the ranking of your choice in that country.

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Save Golf Nazionale to your bucket list.
20 Reviews
Golfers' choice2023
20 Reviews
Golf Nazionale
Italy, Laziofrom €70
1 golf course18 holes

The region

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