Los Naranjos Golf Club

Los Naranjos Golf Club

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Chi è Los Naranjos Golf Club

The Los Naranjos golf course is situated in "Golf Valley ", just a few kilometres from Marbella. It has undergone major changes during its second period, when it hosted major international tournaments. Los Naranjos is experiencing a new era and a sign of this is the new clubhouse and the improvements to the fairways. Although the fairways, like the bunkers, are wide, it is not an easy round and you will need to hit long and accurate shots to continue to make par hole after hole. There is a big difference between the first 9 holes and the back 9, so much so that you might almost think you were playing on two different courses. On the first 9, the fairways are quite wide though pretty uneven and both the trees and the water act as natural hazards. On the second stretch, the course is flatter and sown with orange trees ("naranjos” in Spanish), so its not hard to guess where the club gets its name.
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