Arusha Gymkhana Golf Club

Arusha Gymkhana Golf Club

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Aged with perfection, Arusha Gymkhana Club is rooted in nearly 50 years of storied tradition – a tradition of friendships, camaraderie, competition and ultimately, memorable golf experiences. A substantial number of improvements have been made to the golf course. The upgrades now guarantee the highest level of playing conditions all year round and enhance the playability of the course to all golfers. New lockers, new changing rooms, practice nets, practice green and short-game pitching greens for players who seek to fine-tune every element of their game are some of the new additions to the course. The new developments enhance existing features, ensuring the course stands the test of time. With the re-positioning of some bunkers, the introduction of new tees, water features and additional bunkers, the course is set to remain a fitting challenge for the modern golfer in the years to come, whether an amateur enjoying a social four-ball or professional playing from the championships tees.
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US$ 100
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US$ 100






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