Photo: © Coralie Mercier
Photo: © Coralie Mercier

Golf in Veneto

The Veneto region, situated in the northeast of Italy, is a very popular destination due to its main tourist attraction: Venice. Many golfers combine visiting Venice with playing golf. There are interesting and attractive golf courses to be found in Veneto. Golf in Veneto is special as golf courses in Veneto are built in beautiful surroundings overlooking for example the Dolomite mountains, Lake Garda and the Adriatic Sea.

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Photo: © Coralie Mercier
Golf in Veneto
The Veneto area is already great to visit just to explore Venice, but Veneto also boasts many historic golf courses all respecting the tradition of golf. Most of the Veneto golf courses provide a relaxed atmosphere. It's also the area where Matteo Manessero started to golf. So you have to visit Veneto to play golf and much more! A golf holiday in Veneto is also easy, as there are international airports in Verona and Venice. In total there are 27 golf clubs in Veneto. The best rated golf courses in Veneto are: Golf della Montecchia, Golf Club Ca’Amata and Golf Club Colli Berici. And you will also find a plenty of very good golf resorts in the Veneto region. You are able to play golf in Veneto all year. And in summer in Veneto golf is also very comfortable with not too high temperatures. From May to October are the conditions very well to play golf in Veneto or stay & play.


FAQ's about golf in Veneto
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What is the best golf course in Veneto?
Golf Club Verona is the best golf course in Veneto. Out of 27 golf courses in Veneto, the rating 8.3 of Golf Club Verona is the highest. Click here to view the 10 best golf courses in Veneto
Is Veneto good for golf?
A 8.4 rating indicates Veneto is very good as a golf destination. This rating is based on several elements, like the average rating of golf clubs within this destination and the density of above-average golf clubs.
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