Photo: © Geoff Livingston
Photo: © Geoff Livingston

Golf in Florida

Many people flock to Florida - also known as 'the sunshine state' - to golf, due to it's favourable climate and it's density of golf courses. No other state in the USA has more golf courses than Florida. Foreign golfers love Florida because most golf courses are well-maintained, are relatively cheap and quality is fairly high.

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Photo: © Geoff Livingston
Golf in Florida
Most golf courses in Florida are open for the public, but if you want to play the best Florida golf courses you have to put in some effort. In total there are 853 golf clubs in Florida. The best golf courses in Florida are: World Woods Golf Club, Seminole, TPC Sawgrass, Trump National Doral Juliette Falls Golf Course, Calusa Pines and Steamstrong. You will also find plenty of the best golf resorts in Florida. In Florida - for most part - the climate is sub-tropical, with mild winters and hot and sunny summers, from June to September, which are also muggy and with frequent thunderstorms. In the south, where Miami and the Florida Keys are located, the climate really becomes tropical, with average temperatures in January reaching 20 °C (68 °F). In summer and early autumn Florida is prone to hurricanes.


FAQ's about golf in Florida
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What is the best golf course in Florida?
TPC Sawgrass is the best golf course in Florida. Out of 853 golf courses in Florida, the rating 9.3 of TPC Sawgrass is the highest. Click here to view the 10 best golf courses in Florida
Is Florida good for golf?
A 8.9 rating indicates Florida is very good as a golf destination. This rating is based on several elements, like the average rating of golf clubs within this destination and the density of above-average golf clubs.
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