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The longest holes in golf

21 November 2022
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Jeroen Korving
As golf equipment evolves, so do golf courses. A par 5 used to be the longest hole on the course, but don't be surprised if you bump into a par 6 or even a par 7 nowadays. These are the longest holes in golf.
Endless fairways at Penati Golf Resort (Photo: Leading Courses ambassador BelgianGolfer)

It seems like golf courses are getting longer each year. We'll leave it up to you whether you like that or not, but as golf equipment is getting better, golf courses are now designed in a way to counter these developments.

Longest golf holes in the world

Normally a par 5 is the longest hole you'll find on a regular golf course. According to the USGA rules, a par 5 is a hole that is 410 to 650 meters in length (450 to 710 yards). The following holes are much longer than that and the longest you will find in the world. This list was made in November 2022.

1. Gunsan Country Club 🇰🇷

Hole 3 at Jeongeup Course (1004 meters / 1098 yards)

The longest hole in the world is the third hole of the Jeongeup Course at Gunsan Country Club. It is a par 7 and not surprisingly it has a stroke index of 1. The Gunsan Country Club offers 81 holes (9 courses) on the site of an abandoned salt field that spans over 1,060 acres. It's the only golf course in Korea where all the holes are surrounded by lakes and it is the largest golf venue in South Korea.

2. Satsuki Golf Club 🇯🇵

Hole 7 at Sano Course (881 meters / 964 yards)

The world’s second-longest golf hole is located at the Satsuki Golf Club of Japan, spanning 881 meters or 964 yards from the back tees. Hole 7 is also a par 7 due to its length. Accuracy is key at the Sano Course, as there are quite some tricky bunkers and out-of-bounds areas.

3. Meadow Farms Golf Course 🇺🇸

Hole 3 at the Longest Hole Course (769 meters / 841 yards)

The Longest Hole course runs counterclockwise on the outer edge of the Meadows Farm Golf Course premises. As its name suggests, here you will find the longest hole in the USA. It's the 3rd hole of this course - also referred to as hole 12 - as the Longest Hole Course is often combined with the Waterfall Course. The longest hole is a par 6 measuring 769 meters or 841 yards from the back tees.

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0 Reviews
Meadows Farms Golf Course
United States of America, Virginiafrom $39
1 golf course18 holes

4. Theodora Golf Club 🇷🇴

Hole 18 at the Theodora Golf Course (735 meters / 804 yards)

Theodora Golf Club offers the longest par in Europe, a par 6 measuring 735 meters from the back tees, aptly named "The Long Way Home". If you have managed to keep your score together on this course, hole 18 will offer quite the ending to your round. To get a decent result, players need at least 4 good shots to reach the green. The double green has a big surface and is situated on an island.

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1 Reviews
Theodora Golf Club
Romania, Romaniafrom RON 200
1 golf course18 holes

5. Penati Golf Resort 🇸🇰

Hole 15 at Legend Course (712 meters / 779 yards)

The 15th hole at the Legend Course can be played as a Par 5 or a Par 6. Two different tee areas have been set up depending on how you want to play the hole. The distance between both tee areas is 217 meters. The fairway is split by a waste bunker on the tee shot and the second landing area offers a large waste bunker area to the left and is protected by various fairway bunkers.

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19 Reviews
Penati Golf Resort
Slovakia, Slovakiafrom €70
2 golf courses36 holes

Honorable mentions - other long golf holes

There are more long holes in the world, but the ones mentioned above made it to the top 5 of the longest golf holes of all. Below a few other long holes that deserve an honourable mention.

TPC Colorado 🇺🇸

Hole 13 at TPC Colorado measures 773 yards (707 meters) from the back tees but still is a par 5. It is the longest hole on the Korn Ferry Tour.

Black Mountain Golf Course 🇺🇸

The Black Mountain Golf Course is located at the foot of the beautiful Black Mountain Range in Western North Carolina. The 6,215 yards par 71 course has a front nine originally designed by Donald Ross and is home to the famous 747 yards (683 meters), par 6 17th hole, at one time the longest hole in the world.

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1 Reviews
Black Mountain Golf Club
United States of America, North Carolinafrom $35
1 golf course18 holes

Westray Golf Club 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 

The longest golf hole in the United Kingdom is the par 6 third hole at the Westray Golf Club in the Orkney Islands, measuring 738 yards (or 675 meters). There seems to be some rivalry going on with the West Midlands Golf Club in Solihull.

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Westray Golf Course
United Kingdom, Orkneyfrom £5
1 golf course9 holes

West Midlands Golf Club 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

According to The West Midlands Golf Club in Solihull, they have Great Britain's longest hole, which is called 'The Devil'.  Hole 8 is a Par 6, 666 yards from the yellow tees (hence the name The Devil) and 725 yards from the back tees. According to our data, this is not enough to be considered the longest hole in Great Britain, but it is the longest hole in England though.

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West Midlands Golf Club
United Kingdom, Warwickshirefrom £25
1 golf course18 holes

Normally Farmstead Golf Links would also be in this list, but they have closed down for business at the end of 2021.

If you have played longer holes than the ones mentioned, just let us know via social media! We also love to hear your opinion on the fact that holes seem to get longer and longer! Use the hashtags #longestgolfhole and #leadingcourses!

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