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Author: Ruben van der Zaag

6 Dutch golf courses with 1000+ reviews

02 February 2021
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Ruben van der Zaag
Which Dutch courses are reviewed the most on Leadingcourses.com? And how often? And what rating do those courses get? We asked ourselves and went looking for the answer. The results are surprising to say the least!
Nunspeetse Golf Club (photo: golfenophetrijk.nl)

6 golf courses with more than 1000 reviews

It turns out that at the moment of writing, there are 6 golf courses in the Netherlands that have more than 1000 reviews. At some courses, the number of reviews is actually well above 1000. The remarkable thing is that all six courses also have a rating above 8. So not only do these courses get played a lot, but the players are also very enthusiastic about them.

So if you are looking for some inspiration for your next round of golf, we can confidently recommend these six courses.

6. Prise d'eau Golf

Prise d'eau is a well-maintained golf facility with 27 full-size holes and an excellent 9-hole par-3 course which is a pleasure to play. Everything at Prise d'eau is taken care of down to the last detail and when you come to play golf here, it really feels like a day out. The golf complex is beautifully situated in the countryside, with a modern clubhouse and restaurant. The Brabant-style warm welcome makes you feel at home.

Before the round, you can use the covered and floodlit driving range with Toptracer, which allows you to play games as well as train seriously.

5. Het Rijk van Margraten

Het Rijk van Margraten is one of the three courses of Het Rijk that feature in this list. In the hilly landscape of South Limburg, between farmlands, vineyards and old forests, lies Golf Course Het Rijk van Margraten. This beautiful 18-hole golf course has a varied character which makes every round challenging. The difference in height onthe course is no less than 50 metres, which provides an un-Dutch experience.

In addition to a full golf course, Het Rijk van Margraten also has a 9-hole short golf course, a covered driving range and an attractive clubhouse where you can enjoy a Burgundian atmosphere.

4. Golfbaan Stippelberg

Golfbaan Stippelberg is an inland links course, which is situated south of the nature reserve "landgoed de Stippelberg" in the municipality of Gemert-Bakel. The golf course also owes its name to the old shifting dunes that were characteristic of the original estate and which have been incorporated into the golf course.

The 18-hole Championship Course with a total length of 6088 metres features rich vegetation, as was found in the original area. The impressive, rugged and robust bunkers and the many and strong undulations make this golf course very challenging. Its little sister, the 9-hole Executive Course, consists of five par-3 and four par-4 holes.

3. Golfpark De Haenen

A round of golf on De Haenen takes you through the four different atmospheres that make this course so unique. From the flowering roughs of the wetlands and the grassy area, you enter the park area with the two large ponds and the many rhododendrons and azaleas, and then the historic forest area. From hole 13 onwards, the terrain becomes very sloping with a beautiful area of heathland and sand drifts.

The owner of the golf park decided to build up his own 'De Haenen' art collection and to expand it over the years. Art with a great diversity of works and applied materials. This art collection can be found throughout the golf park.

2. Het Rijk van Nijmegen

Het Rijk van Nijmegen has 45 full-size holes in a beautiful setting. In total there are six 18-hole combinations to play. Old tree lanes, challenging waste areas and surprising blind holes determine the character of the 27 holes on the Groesbeek side of the course. Large differences in height offer beautiful views all the way to Germany.

The 18 holes on the Nijmegen side are beautiful, mature and slightly sloping. The more than 75 strategically placed bunkers provide a good challenge here.

1. Het Rijk van Nunspeet

Golf Course Het Rijk van Nunspeet is the absolute number 1 in this list, with over 2000 reviews. The fact that people love to play here is evident from the 8.3 average that the course receives from all those reviews. With that figure, the course is also among the 20 best courses in the Netherlands.

Het Rijk van Nunspeet is a beautiful 27-hole woodland course in a very varied landscape. Ponds and reeds, old pines and sand drifts, hills and woods, playful vistas and unique views determine the character of this exceptionally attractive championship course. The sandy soil guarantees optimum play, even in wet weather.

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