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Leadingcourses connects to Chronogolf by Lightspeed

14 August 2019
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Leading Courses
Golf clubs using Chronogolf – which was just recently acquired by Lightspeed – now have the opportunity to open up their tee sheets to the rapidly growing community of Leadingcourses.com, tapping into more than 400.000 potential new customers each month. Great news for golf clubs using Chronogolf and great news for golfers, as they will be able to book their tee-time online at even more clubs in Europe.
Golf Club Punta Ala in Italy first Chronogolf club online bookable via Leadingcourses (Photo credits: Punta Ala)

Punta Ala Golf Club first Chronogolf client to open up their tee times

Punta Ala Golf Club  – a golf club in top 5 of best rated clubs in Tuscany (Italy) – is the first club using Chronogolf software that has opened up its tee times to Leadingcourses.com. Now golfers using Leadingcourses.com to plan their golf trip can also conveniently book their round of golf directly at Punta Ala. Golfers can choose to book a round of 9 or 18 holes. Punt Ala is rated with a 8.0 on average, which provided them with the ‘recommended certificate’ on Leadingcourses.com. 

Monthly over 400K golfers visit Leadingcourses.com to (re)search, book and review their latest round of golf. We are very proud of the partnership with Chronogolf and we are looking forward to welcoming more clubs. That way we can offer a more convenient customer experience when booking their round(s) of golf. 

Chronogolf big player in French market

Chronogolf is a company that was founded in Canada and which has its HQ in Montreal. It’s not strange that when expanding into Europe, France was an obvious choice for Chronogolf. In France, over 100 golf clubs now use Chronogolf as their golf management software. France is also a very important market for Leadingcourses.com, so connecting to Chronogolf was a logical step. We expect to connect to quite a few French and Belgian clubs in the next couple of months, so stay tuned!

State-of-the-art golf management system

Both Leadingcourses.com and Chronogolf have been growing rapidly in the last couple of years. There has been a lot of contact during these years, but as our initial focus was on Spain and Portugal, Chronogolf was not integrated as one of the first systems. Now that we have connected all systems in those countries, it’s time to focus on France. Leadingcourses.com was already connected to Albatros in France, but we are very happy to announce that Chronogolf is now also connected.
Example of a tee sheet in Chronogolf  by Lightspeed (Photo credits: Lightspeed)
We are very pleased to see that Leadingcourses.com has succesfully integrated with Chronogolf by Lightspeed’s booking engine,” commented Managing Director of Chronogolf by Lightspeed, JD St-Martin. He added: “As we grow in European markets,  partnering with the important marketplaces that serve these markets will be key for our success.

Jeroen Korving, Managing Partner of Leadingcourses.com: “It’s great to see that more and more golf clubs are using modern, state-of-the-art golf management systems. We have been following Chronogolf for quite a while and we are impressed by their progress. Their API is among the best we have seen so far, so it was fairly easy to connect to Chronogolf. We hope to open up – yet again – a large piece of the European market due to this connection so that golfers will be able to book their tee time at any course online just like a hotel or restaurant.”  

It’s Leadingcourses’ mission to help golfers find the golf course that suits them best and to enable them to book their tee time at that golf course online at the best possible rate and at their desired time slot. A golfer should be in full control of the time, rate and date they want to play. Early in the morning at an early bird rate, at the end of the day for a twilight rate or during the day at the best possible rate.  

Interested to connect?

Are you interested to increase your tee time sales or do you want to fill up those empty slots? If you are a club manager using Chronogolf, then feel free to contact our onboarding team – Marc or Brianne – at Leadingcourses.com!

Our promise to you as a golf club manager:
  1. no set-up fees, our developers will connect you free of charge
  2. no technical knowledge required, we will do all the work together with Chronogolf
  3. you only pay us a commission when the golfer has booked and paid
  4. you determine the commission: the higher, the more we can do for you
  5. if the commission lies above the 10%, you will be upgraded for free to our Interaction subscription (828 euro)
Your promise to us:
  1. you will not try to undercut us in price: price-parity is crucial to both succeed
  2. always update us if the course is in bad shape or if you are doing maintenance
  3. do not settle issues with a golfer without consulting us: we are in this together
  4. always make sure that tee-times are active
  5. always make sure all products/promotions (like 2 green fees and a buggy) are in your system
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