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Swinging into 2023 with Leading Courses Country Manager Stijn Greveling

28 December 2022
3 min. read
Leading Courses
Welcome to our end-of-year interview series! In these interviews, we'll be talking with several Leading Courses employees about their golf experiences this year. In this episode: Country Manager Stijn Greveling who is responsible for the following key markets: Portugal, France and Italy.
The famous island green at the 18th hole at Le Golf National! For us amateurs, it's a par 5, for the pro's a par 4! (Photo credits: Stijn Greveling)

What's your favourite course that you've played in 2022?

My favourite course of 2022 was Grand Saint Emilionnais Golf Club in France. Although it wasn't in great shape. I had a wonderful time playing there in the best environment possible. It was a nice and easygoing experience with dogs wandering around, the course layout was amazing and the location of the course -  in the middle of grape vines - is amazing. The location can't be more French!

What was your most memorable round in 2022?

View of the 15th hole at Le Golf National, the beginning of the 'Stadium Area' (Photo credits: Stijn Greveling)

I must say that I had multiple great and memorable moments on the golf course last year. I got the opportunity to play Le Golf National after the Cazoo Open de France, which is part of the DP World Tour. I played a reversible golf course in The Netherlands - The Links Valley - in two different directions on one day and I played De Swinkelsche from the black tees. In the end, the moment I cherish the most was at Le Golf National. The course maintenance was absolutely perfect, the weather was great and the fact that it's a Ryder Cup venue makes it quite special. All in all, it was a perfect experience.

What aspect has the highest impact when reviewing a golf course and why?

For me it is all about golf, so the most important categories for me are the maintenance level and the location. Both categories, but especially the location can make a difference and make a golf course unique.

Who was your favourite golfer of 2022 and why?

Max Homa and Garrett Clark. Max Homa is really one of the funniest golfers on the PGA Tour and Garrett Clark makes great content on YouTube and is part of Good Good Golf. I can highly recommend that channel.

Most memorable golf moment of 2022?

I'm a Masters guy, so seeing Scottie Scheffler win was an amazing moment. Scheffler is around my age, so it is always cool to see this!

Do you have a list of courses that you hope to play in 2023 and if so; which one stands out most?

Beautiful view from the tee towards the clubhouse at Circolo Golf Villa d'Este (Photo credits: flopic7)

I don't have a list of courses I really want or need to play. But as I am responsible for France, Portugal and Italy, I would really love to play Circolo Golf Villa d'Este or Antognolla Golf Club, Monte Rei Golf and Country Club and a course at de Côte d’Opale. At least, I hope to play one of them this year.

What are your golf goals for 2023?

Right now, I am a 12.8 handicapper and hope to definitely bring it down to a single digit!

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