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Author: Jeroen Korving

The Best Golf Destinations in the Benelux

16 November 2021
5 min. read
Jeroen Korving
Leading Courses is all about helping golfers to find the best golf course, based on their location, needs and skill set. But we also like to help you to find the best place to go when planning a golf trip! Our handy filter options and map view can help you with just that! We decided to give you a hand and provide you with the best hotspots for specific countries. So, where can you find the highest density of highly-rated golf clubs? We kick-off with the best golfing hotspots in the Benelux, so Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.
Hulencourt was rated best 18-hole golf club in Belgium in 2021 and is bookable online (photo credits: Hulencourt)

The Best Golf Hotspots in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg

To help golfers to decide where to go, we decided to make life easier for them. As we know our site in and out, we often see beautiful features which are not yet known to our audience, like the map view and the filters. We defined a golfing hotspot as the following: "an area relativelyclose to an international airportwith at least four or more golf clubs with an 8 or higher, all located close to each other". For a golfer, this would translate to easy access by plane and quite a few kick-ass courses to play without too much driving!

Golf Break to Hoofddorp (close to Amsterdam)

Although Hoofddorp is not really a city you should visit when coming to The Netherlands, it actually is quite famous as it is home to Schiphol Airport. So, getting in and out wouldn't be a problem as Schiphol Airport is one of the busiest airports in Europe. Finding a hotel will also not be a problem. You can stay in Hoofddorp (less expensive during the weekend and mainly focused on business travellers), Amsterdam or Haarlem. The following golf clubs should be on your list when planning a golf trip here:

Interested in playing even more clubs? Here you can find all the golf courses around Hoofddorp. Playing De Koninklijke Haagsche G&CC would also definitely be a great option, but this golf club was just outside the range. But, only just. So it would definitely be worth playing!

Golf Break to Waterloo (close to Brussels)

Everyone knows the battle of Waterloo (in 1815) and the area still has many remnants of this famous battle between Napoleon and the Seventh Coalition, a British-led coalition. Waterloo is a lovely village just South of Brussels and is easily accessible via Brussels Airport. When planning a golf break to the Waterloo area, the following great courses can be found just around the corner:

There are many other good golf courses in the area, so be sure to check all golf courses around Waterloo! If you want to drive just a bit longer, than Royal Bercuit Golf Club should definitely be on your list as well.

Golf Break to Soest (close to Amsterdam)

Ok, I might be a bit biased as I actually live in Soest. But, it does have quite a few really good golf courses in close proximity. I wouldn't want to keep this secret to myself. Access is easy via Schiphol Airport and Soest is 40km away from Amsterdam. Make sure to visit the famous Dunes of Soest, created during the ice age. The following clubs should be on your bucket list when planning a golf trip:

If you have the time, then on your way back to Amsterdam you could squeeze in Goyer Golf & Country Club. But you can also decide to play any other course! Find all the courses in and around Soest.

Golf Break to Heeze (near Eindhoven)

Heeze is a little village just below Eindhoven. It has a nice castle and is located in a beautiful area with a lot of forest and heather (Strabrechtse Heide). Getting to Heeze is quite easy as Eindhoven has an international airport called Eindhoven Airport. The following clubs can be found near Heeze to complete your perfect golf holiday: