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The 8 best golf courses in Paris

05 July 2021
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Paris, the capital and biggest city of France. It is the city of love, an enormous world hub for air and railway transportation but also an ideal place for a golf break as there are 23 golf courses within a 25 km radius of Paris!
The beautiful city of Paris (Photo: Margarida Louro on Unsplash).

The historical city, Paris

Paris is the capital of France and is situated in the north-central part of the country. It is the country’s most important centre of commerce and culture. For years it has been one of the world’s most important and attractive cities. The opportunities it has to offer for business, study, culture and entertainment are unlimited. 

The three main parts of the historical city are defined by the Seine. The centre is the Ile de la Cite, the left part has traditionally been the intellectual part and the right part contains the heart of economic life. 

When visiting Paris there are of course a few things you must see and do. Musée Rodin is a mansion from the 18th century and is one of Paris’s most beautiful museums. It contains more than 6,000 of Rodin’s sculptures. There’s nothing quite like seeing Paris from a boat on the Seine or from above from the Eiffel tower. Because of the big popular parts of Paris, the small street markets are easily overlooked but the Rue des Martyrs is a must-see.

Best golf courses in Paris

Many traveling golfers have probably been to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, either as the final destination or for a transfer. When you are planning your next golf trip to Paris this list might be helpful to determine which courses to play since there are so many options to play golf in Paris

The following golf courses are located maximum 30 kilometers from the centre of Paris and CDG airport. The courses are all rated by other golfers with an 8.0 or higher. 

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