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The 6 best golf resorts in Germany with 36+ holes

22 February 2021
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Below you can find a list of the 6 best golf resorts in Germany with 36 holes or more. If you want to enjoy your golf holiday without having to stress about driving, ideally you should stay at golf resorts with 36+ holes. While staying here, all you have to do is eat, sleep and play golf as much as you like. These golf resorts are ordered by the overall rating given by real golfers on Leadingcourses.com.
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We all want things to be easy and stress-free when it comes to traveling from the hotel to the golf courses during your golf vacation. You may want to walk out to the course in the morning from the hotel, play in different courses, or relax at the spa after golfing. You can do all of these when staying at a golf resort with over 36 holes. 

Inspired by the list of best golf resorts with 36+ holes in Spain and Portugal, we have created a similar list for golf resorts in Germany. According to us, a golf resort is where the golf course is located on or next to the premises of the hotel or resort. Even though there are 737 golf clubs in Germany, many of these are not golf resort with more than 36 golf holes.  This is why there are some courses with over 36 golf holes are not mentioned in the list.

PS: this ranking is based on all reviews of golfers on our website. This ranking does not necessarily reflect the opinion of Leadingcourses.com.

1. Hardenberg Golf Resort

The Golf Resort Hardenberg has been a popular destination for golfers from all over Europe for many years. The course consists of the Niedersachsen Course - the challenge with 18 holes (par-72), and Göttingen Course - the classic with 18 holes (par-72). The highlight of the Niedersachsen Course is the heraldic animal of Hardenberg - the boar's head as a par 3 island green.

Whether you simply want to play on one of the most beautiful golf courses in Germany with friends or business partners or compete in a golf tournament organised especially for you - they have various offers, especially for groups.

2. Spa & Golf Resort Weimarer Land

The Spa & Golf Resort Weimarer Land has been built just outside Weimar on the historic Krakau estate. The spectacular 36-hole golf course with a dreamlike natural setting consists of two 18-hole golf courses and a 3-hole practice course. The combination of the two courses allows for three varied 18-hole variations: The Bobby Jones Champion Course, the Goethe Course, and the Feininger Course. 

The golf course is complemented by first-class practice facilities. The resort's 4-star superior hotel is embedded in the golf course and offers all those seeking relaxations (2,500 sqm spa area) and golf enthusiasts a wonderful hideaway to leave everyday life behind.

3. Kölner Golfclub

The Cologne Golf Club is young, modern, and forward-looking. Founded in 2012 in the Outer Cologne Green Belt, the course now has the most holes in North Rhine-Westphalia with two 18-hole courses and a 9-hole short course. With the concept “from simple to challenging”, Cologne Golf Club offers a combination of a pitch course par-27, a links course par-63, and a championship course par-74. Additionally, as a member of the Cologne Golf Club, you can decide for yourself how much time you would like to spend on the courses.

4. Waldsee Golf Resort - Fürstlichen Golfclub Oberschwaben e.V.

At the Waldsee Golf Resort, you play golf in other dimensions. The 45-hole resort with the "New Course" and the "Old Course" combines important traditional elements with contemporary golf course architecture. The two 18-hole championship courses are ideally complemented by the 9-hole/par-27 course. It is suitable for the whole family, for golf beginners, and is popular for short rounds of golf among friends.

5. Golf Club St. Wendel

At Golf Club St. Wendel, you can experience the charm and sportive challenge of golf courses in great golfing regions such as Ireland, Canada, and Florida. The designs of the course, for example, parklands and links course, can blow your mind away. 

The 27-hole course and the 9-hole short course, as well as the Angel's Hotel of the Wendelinus Golf Club, are located on the western outskirts of St. Wendel is an area of approx. 150 hectares in hilly terrain covered with old trees, biotopes as well as heather and broom areas. The topographical conditions, therefore, make it possible to combine different golf worlds on this golf course.

6. Der Öschberghof - Ösch Golf

All the courses at Ösch Golf are located directly next to the hotel and are a joy to play. Before visiting the restaurant with your family or a relaxing evening in your room, hit the golf course again and make the most of your visit to Ösch golf resort in the Black Forest!

While your loved ones take advantage of the numerous other offers at the hotel, relax in the ÖSCH SPA, explore the Black Forest or savour the benefits of a holiday at the Öschberghof, you can improve your handicap and train specifically on the course. The team of golf instructors from all over Germany is looking forward to meeting you!

Best golf courses in Germany with 36+ holes, that didn't make the list

This list contains the 6 best golf resorts in Germany with 36 or more golf holes. A golf resort is defined as a destination that also has an on-site hotel and other facilities like a swimming pool, spa, or other sports facilities.

Besides staying in a golf resort where you have everything in one place, you also have the option of staying in a hotel of B&B near the golf course(s). In that case, you have many more options. Some of the best golf courses in Germany with 36 or more holes are:

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