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Photo: © Rantes
Photo: © Rantes

Golf in Poland

Golf is upcoming in Poland. Yet the number of golfers in Poland is very modest. Poland is not heavily populated with golf courses but most of the golf courses have 18 holes or more. The price-quality ratio of golf in Poland is very good. The majority of visitors are Germans and Scandinavians. Popular golf hubs in Poland are Warsaw, Katowice and Wroclaw. The best Golf Club in Poland is Modry Las Golf Club.

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Photo: © Rantes
Golf in Poland
At Polish golf clubs you pay a 'normal' green fee. But Polish golf courses are a guarantee for indulgence and luxury. The comfort and culinary amenities of the better golf clubs in Poland match famous and well-know golf clubs in Western Europe. When you play golf in Poland, you are almost alone. So no crowds, which makes it easy to enjoy a round of golf.


FAQ's about golf in Poland
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What is the best golf course in Poland?
Rosa Private Golf Club is the best golf course in Poland. Out of 26 golf courses in Poland, the rating 9.0 of Rosa Private Golf Club is the highest. Click here to view the 10 best golf courses in Poland
Is Poland good for golf?
A 7.8 rating indicates Poland is good as a golf destination. This rating is based on several elements, like the average rating of golf clubs within this destination and the density of above-average golf clubs.
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